Erosion Control & Soil Stabilization

Varsity, Inc. provides a wide variety of environmental and vegetation management services to the gas and oil industry, municipalities, and utilities.  Varsity has gained a reputation for accomplishing a superior level of production and quality on even the toughest projects while maintaining safety as the primary focus.

On every project BMP (Best Management Practices) and SMP (Stormwater Management Practices) are utilized.  Project managers know that Varsity will be on site when they are needed, and they will receive superior quality materials by qualified and highly supervised staff.   We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly adapt to the ever changing conditions found on these sites.  We are especially proud of our ability to react and rectify problems when those rare but inevitable emergency situations arise.

Varsity, Inc. is proud of its enviable safety record.  Our staff receives regular instruction on PEC Safeland training and all updates on OSHA Standards of Safety, DOT Flagger training, and Environmental Hazards Awareness.  Weekly staff training and more frequent toolbox training sessions also keeps our staff updated on new state regulations and policies as well as new directives from the IECA (International Erosion Control Association).

Varsity, Inc.’s management team provides a detailed post-construction assessment, aids in application of reclamation certificates, and provides prompt resolution of any issues which may arise.

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